Mission, Values, and Principles

Mission, Values, and Principles

Our Mission

Our Mission: Give everyone superpowers through the ability to customize their software

Read more about our mission in our blog post, The PixieBrix Manifesto

Our Values

We celebrate our differences and unique strengths. But we all share three core values:

  1. Integrity: 1) inclusively act as a single team, 2) show consistency in words and actions across situations and time
  2. Initiative: proactively 1) identifying and confirming what's important and why (customers, cost, engineering infrastructure, etc.), 2) figuring out best way to take action (e.g., effort involved, communication style, what form), 3) taking action without having to be told
  3. Innovation: Taking smart risks to creatively solve problems with real impact and learn from both success and failure

Our Leadership Principles

Our leadership principles are how we convert our values into action


This section is a work in progress. We're always on the lookout to add and refine our principles

Identify the Relevant Principles

Whether making a decision, defining a process, or designing a UX, we first identify and clarify the relevant principles.

We're a Team

At PixieBrix, we view ourselves as a professional sports team (as opposed to a family or army). Some corollaries of this principle:

  • Play to win, have fun, love the game
  • Embrace our strengths, recognize our weaknesses
  • Support your teammates, expect support in return
  • Be deliberate about improvement

Make the User a Hero

We exist to serve and empower our users. Some corollaries of this principle:

  • Put the user at the center of every decision
  • Encourage user feedback to drive us forward
  • Consider the user's role in their team, company, and community

Create Leverage

We use technology, people, and services to give us leverage. Some corollaries of this principle:

  • Invest in tools and technology
  • Learn to be effective with your tools and technology
  • Design with delegation and automation in mind
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks

"ABC": Always Be Compounding

Look for ways to continuously improve and build on existing foundations. Some corollaries of this principle:

  • Consider prior work before starting fresh
  • Look for opportunities to systematize (e.g., templates, checklists, software)
  • Include incorporation into software/knowledge base as part of "definition of done"