Engineering Interview Process

Engineering Interview Process

We strive to run an interview process that showcases your strengths and values your time

1. Respond to the Job Posting

  • A cover email
  • Resume
  • Link to portfolio (if available)

We'll respond with next steps within 48 hours

2. As Necessary: 30min. Online Coding Test

Depending on the strength of your programming background/experience, we may ask you to complete a 30min. coding test before proceeding with the interview process

3. 20min. Intro Call with a Founder

Call with a founder for you to learn about PixieBrix, and for us to learn about what you're looking for in your next role

4. 2 x 25min. Structured Behavioral Interviews

Structured behavioral interviews for you to showcase your values and competencies

Pro-tip: the STAR method is an effective way to respond to behavioral interview questions

5. Engineering Evaluation. Your choice of:

Showcase your engineering skills with your choice of:

Paid Project

A paid project contributing to the open-source code PixieBrix codebase

2-Hour Technical Interview

A 2-hour technical interview (content varies based on role)

5. Reference Check

We'll triangulate your strengths with a couple of your current or past colleagues

6. Decision and Feedback

We'll contact you with our decision and feedback:

  • Contract to hire offer
  • Full-time offer
  • No offer